The "1976" Britton, Michigan Marketing Model............................Together the Business Owner and the Consumer make the sale!. 
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USAGOSHOP: Our Gifts and unique business divisions are designed to make you laugh while visiting our 1976 business Flashback NO Malls or Super Centers. This is your store 24/7 so tell us what you want and we will find and make it available for a price just slightly above cost.   We want each person purchasing our gifts to be as happy in purchasing as we are in offering the gifts for purchase. Our 1974 Britton Businessmen's Association Member Card is hereby placed on Exhibit to demonstrate that we know how consumers enjoyed shopping in 1974-78. Also see the Who Cares Hall of Fame for more entertainment than Pay TV.      

Now enjoy shopping in America's most entertaining website with a flashback to 1976. 

Be sure to visit the Pa Dutch Candies web pages and select great candies from the 1200 items.

The Olde Standard Gift Shop web pages present some special linen towels. We plan a special production run just for USAgoShop.com customers.  Now look at those old catalogs from 1974 and select the one you want us to produce. Our website offers low cost gifts and things American's want but the mass marketing folks forgot to consider when they purchased the JUNK AT MALL..  Each gift box has been carefully crafted to offer a gift from Daytona Beach and USA suppliers in Pennsylvania Amish country.  Whether it is the beach, sand, FAT LADY POSTCARDS  or racing gift items you will have more choices than the Mall. We provide gifts for special occasions or just to say thanks to a special friend or your son or daughter at the University of Florida.  (Go Gators), Whether it is Pizza delivered unbaked from Pottsville Pizzeria (Steve's) or birch beer and  those great Pa Dutch Candies and pretzels we promise to make you smile.   THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR VISITING THIS NEO-AMISH APPROVED WEBSITE.  SEND YOUR LAUGHING COMMENTS TO RICHARDDEMBINSKY@HOTMAIL.COM. OR IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER (MOST NEO-AMISH PEOPLE DO BUT NEVER TURN IT ON) (LIKE USING THE MICROWAVE TO STORE BREAD)...WRITE US AT 748 RENEGADE LANE, PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA 32127  

Free Classified Ads...Simply email us at: RichardDembinsky@hotmail.com  Our Free Classified Ads are sponsored by Daytona Beach Area Consumer Friendly Businesses including:

Bill's Transmissions, 

and more....

Free Admission to CEO Seminars...Simply email us at: RichardDembinsky@hotmail.com. Help for new Florida Residents.

F.I.S.H. (Feedback Information Support Help). Help for Big Business without the Big Sticker Shock. RichardDembinsky@hotmail.com 

Public Domain all use of this information is at your own risk. Please read our disclaimer. We are a new business without an established privacy policy.    We do not currently accept credit cards; we require money orders for items greater than $10.00. Questions, Comments complete Feedback Form.