This your Fire Hydrant Before you installed F.H.A.M. the 21st Century innovative FIRE HYDRANT PROTECTION SYSTEM designed by a civil engineer with 33 years of municipal experience.  F.H.A.M. is so new it is still in the final development phase and for this reason is available by simply placing a $50.00 deposit that will be refunded should field tests require modifications to Model 2003. Free upgraded units will be provided at no additional cost when such upgrades are required.

In less than 5 minutes you can fully install the Full Body Armor; you then apply the yellow plastic coating to the caps. (Remove rusted chains); for very corroded fire hydrants use plastic coat on the rusted bolts to prevent staining; install the Top Armor with the stainless steel connecting bolts; in snow regions place riser warning poles flexible plastic with reflecting paint. 

We look forward to your purchase and installation of our new innovative Fire Hydrant Armor Manufacturing products. Kits include can of plastic dip (yellow) brush, stainless bolts and reflective tape and shipping within the USA.  After 3 years of service the $50.00 deposit will be full payment. Please help us develop this important fire hydrant maintenance free product.