Richard Paul Dembinsky (DEM)
United States Representative
District 24



    For this smiling Democrat




748 Renegade Lane
Port Orange, FL 32127

PHONE: (386) 788-3885
DATE FILED: 1/7/2004
METHOD: Filed intent to qualify by petition method
STATUS: Active



Note: The candidate's statement was supplied by the candidate and has not been edited or endorsed by the ______________________Department of State or anyone within the government. ________________________

Richard Paul Dembinsky is a professional engineer and is registered in the States of Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  He graduated with a BSCE degree from Tri-State University in 1970 with a strong desire to work protecting the environment.  He has worked on engineering projects throughout Ohio, Michigan and Florida.  He was elected to the Village of Britton, Michigan, Board of Trustees in 1974. He has been the City of Daytona Beach Water and Wastewater Engineer for the past 23 years. During 2003 he was a candidate for Mayor of Port Orange and was pleased to receive support from 865 voters, He will not release his social security number or part thereof as demanded by the local newspaper so don’t expect any interviews or statements in the press now or in the future. Highway safety is his top priority (served as President of the American Road Builder’s Association in College); would like to eliminate the sub-minimum wage for food industry employees; would like to give a one billion dollar loan interest free to the people of St Thomas (USA) for water system improvements and emergency wastewater system upgrades and to improve roadways and the overall safety of the people (St. Thomas has still not recovered from storm in 1996). Cruises to St. Thomas USA should say hello to the friendly people particularly the tour guide Ms Elaine Mercer. No signs No TV/radio A.O.K./ See    Web  Address: ______________________________________________

Honorable Congressman Thomas Feeney is Great!!!!!!!