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It sure would be nice to hit the powerball lottery so I could purchase the rights to rename "moon lake" to Beury's Grove. Surely those fine property owners could use a little cash to get their cabins upgraded and have a few parties around the lake. Does $50,000 a lot sound fair for the naming rights or would $1000 cash in 2010 secure the naming rights for a period of 20 years. Beury's Grove will be a hundred years old in 2023 so I am working on a plan to have a celebration to honor the people who constructed the dam.

If you own property at Beury's Grove and have a voting right on the association board or whatever controls the name on the sign at the gate, let me know and I will being the process of preparing a contract, but the funds will have to be set up in a trust to insure the name is on the sign from 2015 to 2025. That would be about $100 a year to help pay the taxes.

Next a group of concerned locals will have to have a verifiable bank account with letters of credit or some type of joint signature account that the property owner and the BG2023 Foundation (not for profit) so the checks can be issued each January 15 for the ten year period.

The BG2023 Foundation will have to formulate a way to invest the donated moneys to give off the required amount to result in the moon lake name being removed from all local signs.

Obviously, the more difficult matter has to do with negotiating with the Moon Lake Assocation a way to limit liability of all peoples entering the limited areas during the Week that is consistent with the BG2023 Celebration. Say October 15 through 27 of the year 2023. The BG2023 Foundation should pay no less than $10,000 for the Moon Lake Association to retain 24 hour security guards during the two week people. The Moon Lake security guards function in part will be to limit access two 100 people per hour in restricted areas so long as each of the visitors are transported by BG2023 Foundation personnel. This will allow insurance to be obtained by the non profit organization BG2023. It is likely a tram service will be contracted and this will allow a tour of the beautiful restored Beury's Grove.

Alternative B will be implemented should limited property owners not go along with the plan for naming rights. This would mean individual properties that become available for lease or purchase could cause enough action to create the feeling that Beury's Grove is back in spirit.

Now don't get too excited Richard live duration and funds will make this his biggest challenge but with proper planning anything is possible. Next generation will have to work on BG2123 should BG2023 fall short of goals outlined herein.