The above photo demonstrates how our F.I.S.H. Division saves operating dollars for a retail pharmacy that has customers putting extra miles on store shopping carts.

Email us for a FREE SAMPLE SOS REPORT that is provided to businesses for a fixed service fee of  $50.00 per store.   Site Observation Solutions Report SOS Reports not only give the location of missing shopping carts but recovery of shopping carts is included at no additional cost to provide the business an immediate savings.

Email: Ford Exelby Marketing at

At this time we serve Central Florida businesses and will soon be expanding portions of Pennsylvania (North of Hershey Pa.)  and southeastern Michigan.

Each SOS Report includes: cost estimates of needed/suggested external business site improvements needed to save long term costs.

Each SOS Report for a retail business with more than one store includes: landscape conditions/ minor "TLC" only the owner of a owner operated store would typically correct. (minor dead branch removal).

Each SOS Report for minor amount of plant fertilizer for endangered plants that may be observed during the site visit.

Each SOS Report includes without extra cost TLC liter pick up.

Each SOS Report includes a site map showing dead plants, noticed trip hazards, sprinkler head problems, review of water use within the complete if water records are obtainable from meter readings on site or directly from the municipality; looking for rust/corrosion of security camera brackets; condition of signs, condition of striping and if requested a value evaluations.  Our Site Observation Solutions Report will provide a considerable amount of information and if allowed a copy will be given to the store manager and of course the original will be emailed to the main office.

Please call us at 386 788 3885 , or 386 453 6800 or simply email us


                 See our F.H.A.M. Division to save your on site fire hydrants.