Item      Description                Location               Approximate Asking Price Subject to Change Without Notice

   1        Lawn Edging    Port Orange, Florida     One visit Free/limited service area

   2        Pressure Washing   P.O. Fla.                One visit Free/try on your drive way electric 1650 psi

   3        Tourist Information   Daytona                Request by Email

   4        Relocation Info        Daytona                Request by Email

   5        Request price or make offer directly to

   6.       If you right click the picture the image name will appear; in the future we will provide a price list at the bottom of the Classifieds but until time allows simply look and if for some unknown reason you want to buy some of these items....simply email then we will forward your request to person posting the item for sale.  NOTE WE ARE NOT INVOLVED IN ANY SALE THIS IS JUST A POSTING SERVICE; PLEASE USE YOUR BEST CONSUMER EFFORTS TO AVOID POSTING OR BUYING SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU UNHAPPY OR COST YOU MORE THAN IS FAIR.


These signs are extremely rare they made a lot of folks nuts during the election, shown here as historical; here in Volusia County this may be the only African Americans sign in one piece.  During the 2000 election many signs were painted over and damaged several are in the Who Cares Hall of Fame.   When Women Vote signs were very strongly hated by just about every one that was not a Democrat.  These are very very rare. (not for sale)



Note the Bush Cheney sign....very rare...during the 2000 election Bush Cheney used large signs very few small this Bush Cheney is not for sale it will be placed in The Who Cares Hall of Fame here in Port Orange Florida (looking for an affordable building)....


Note that very rare wooden Pepsi box and the few rare bottles.  Washer and Dryer are used and are for sale here in Port Orange. Make offer Washer old and Dryer not so old both for say $150.00 (subject to on site inspection but once on the truck yours....the dryer should be fine washer has been in storage for about 2 years.

I did not plan to Cut off Clinton but I guess to be fair to those Democrats I will have to take this photo again...this Clinton Gore 96 is not for sale.


Old pool table was listed in local Saver Magazine for $400.00 only available for locals because of size and weight.  Look at more Gore Signs have about 300 or more...many have asked to purchase so they can burn them.

Reno Bumper stickers on Sale/ Rare Collectors only.  Make offer (Bumper stickers unused and we have about 50)

Place your business add here free!  Lawn and other home repair services will be listed at bottom of pages.

Fire Truck cost over $350.00 it is about 4 feet long it is a welded art may be for sale in future if you want it make offer and I will ask the boss.

Rare items on sale in Britton Michigan Downtown

   The following items may be for sale or we can attempt to locate you our source for these:

Nien's Rare Thailand Royal Pillow Pattern and instructions available for $10.00.

The Coke cans shown above are 8 packs of rare old original formula Coke.

Model has never been opened cost over $50.00 collector's item Not to be Sold without approval.

These Art items are not currently for sale but may change in Future (If price is right)

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Boat for sale Cheap (no motor) green and nice trailer need $200 (may change)