Mr. Gripton was a 85 year old man that operated his Hardware Store 5 & 6.

Okay Mr. Gripton if you are looking down at this computer please help me establish the Britton Marketing Model that you created in1976.  Of course you practiced "friendly hardware help" long before the big guys did.  Okay here is the north side of M 50.

Britton Michigan Marketing Model Principle No. 1

The business owner and the customer make the sale.  No 10 to 50 percent restocking charge.

You purchase only what you need and you are happy with the item for more than a year.(Mr Gripton's


Britton Michigan Marketing Model Principle No. 2

The customer was a friend of the business owner and every effort was made by the customer to explain what item or solution is required.  Of course wallpaper was something only the wife could pick out so Gripton's did not sell wallpaper.  You had to go to the nice gentlemen at the Britton Lumber company on North Main Street just west of the above grain storage (left).  Then in 1975 or so Britton Lumber company went out of business due to the large companies in Tecumseh.  (5 miles west).  The Olde Standard Gift Shop was located on US 50 one half block west of downtown shown above. .(to the right) was given the responsibility to offer wallpaper to the locals.

Britton Michigan Marketing Model Principle No. 3

Does anyone reading these words remember how nice Mr. Tubbs was to people visiting Gripton's Hardware.  Well Mr, Gripton trained Mr Tums unfortunately Mr. Tubbs died rather young (55 or so) .  Mr Tubbs would have to leave the store for a f0ire run.  He drove the fire truck.  Okay back to the Britton Michigan Marketing Model.   It seemed that Mr. Tums and Mr. Gripton were a sales team that made ALL the local customers happy. Of course marketing had to do with placing the hardware store items in a convenient arrangement. Not like Home Depot or Lowes, Gripton;s hardware help was not just a "sales push meeting language" and of course Mr. Gripton did not keep track of the number of minutes that Mr. Tubbs took to explain why I should not be using paint X on galvanized metal.  Gripton's Hardware Help  is our Ford Exelby Marketing Division using Gripton's Hardware store marketing principles.

If you have a home improvement project and before you go to Home Depot or Lowes send us an email and we will attempt to help you.  Our business is only 1 mile from Lowes and Home Depot here in Port Orange Florida.

Our help is at no cost and therefore should we give you bad advise...Sorry, No Warranty Implied. No Liability will be assumed.   Our advise is based upon our failures and successes.   Thanks Britton Michigan