Event Special Parking (ESP) Division

of Ford Exelby Marketing



This portion of USAgoshop.com is underdevelopment, but here is what we are planning on doing.


A friend of ours has a one acre parcel adjacent to I-95 on State Route 400 (Beville Road) across the street from a convenience store.  There are currently no other businesses within 1/2 mile of the one acre parcel.  The land is probably under contract and is worth about $400,000.  Unfortunately it is a somewhat difficult site to develop due to various factors.  The site is within the City of Daytona Beach.   The Speedway is located about 2 miles northeast and there is easy access to Williamson Blvd. (once you have turned east on Beville Road).


We may purchase the site or lease the site and construct the Who Cares Hall of Fame or we may use it for Special Event Parking. (Of course subject to significant rules)

The gentlemen that purchased the one acre many years ago intended to make it a garden stop/landscape business. He invested another $100,000 on entrance and fill materials.

We hope to have a "Coming Soon Sign with USAgoshop.com on it by the end of 2004."

We will be contacting Dr. Weber in Pennsylvania to see if he would like to create an American Soldier Museum (ASM), however, the size of the site means the property will not be cost effective but it is a great location.  Go to Volusia County web site an look for the property on the Appraisers web pages.

This (Beville Road parcel) would be a great Tourist Information Center, but the City may not agree with such use of the parcel.

If you are reviewing this web site and have an idea for using the one acre parcel email us at richarddembinsky@hotmail.com  If you are a friend of Bill Gates (we were told a relative of his lives or lived in the South Peninsula Area) maybe we can get a grant for some public benefit.  We will be contacting various agencies and foundations in the coming years to make this happen.

It is a personal goal to help the owner of this property develop it for the public good (Maybe a Thank you for visiting Daytona Beach Center.)