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Test Results of “Intermatic Malibu Sun Powered Solar Accent Lighting”

Metal  No wiring; bighter white LED; recharges by sunlight; On time up to 15 hours when fully charged:”


Actual test find the light middle to poor and the recharge during November in December inadequate to last until say 2 AM   Model LZ10131 so called 2 year warranty cost from HOME DEPOT  ($20.00)


Solar 6 volt system 19.98,  battery 17.99

1800 283 2799


Also weathermaster Poly tarps 20 x 40


Noble Beasts Graphic  1800 782 7446


1800 583 8243  Dize Co.

literature on file; website available;


Coastline mary Corre  sponzes


Evaluating large system from Gainesville ; no response to us leaving card.


Find web site info.