This NeoAmish Family Living Training Manual was prepared for the Lighter Side of Senator Joseph I Lieberman....and a copy is available for $3.00 and is worth the laughs.

This flag was from Britton Michigan and has photo album of last wagon train from West to East. (1976)

During the 1976 Bicentennial the Wagon train of about 10 or 15 wagons with horses and other support passed through Britton Michigan and past the Olde Standard Gift Shop.  These photos are being prepared for placing in the Who Cares Hall of Fame.   Our 1970 Opel GT will be featured had a Bicentennial symbol painted on front and stripes on the side.

  Flowers in Spring Waldorf Maryland....beautiful white trees and photos of same on file in the Who Cares Hall of Fame.

Personal letter from Richard Nixon            Election 2000 journal reviewed by

                                                                Joe Lieberman....signed letter to right.

Within weeks of this beautiful photo 1/2 of this tree died.  It was the last known of this type.



                                                                       In 1940 and 1950 this beer coil box made mountain

beer parties "cool" dad is shown in the above photo and I am sure he used this on many mountain parties.

Presently in Pennsylvania a few families still practice a "burn"....that is an out door party with a large open fire.

food and beer are a must in Pennsylvania (If you have never been to such an event we will invite you to our next)

(So long as the government does not prohibit same in the future)

  We have a complete collection of audio tapes of the FM America satellite radio show of the 1988....this was the stock paper for a company we were attempting to was to prevent scrambling of free TV...we were creating C.O.P.S....Consumer Owned Programing Service and we have the only known complete collection of this event...This was a national effort that failed because the cable companies would always leave a few satellite tv stations clear and unscrambled then change to another station until the watching of TV was lost.  We have a copy of the letter sent to every Congressman and Congresswomen and Senator in 1988 by RPD....our effort failed because Congress receive "benefits" from the cable companies. (opinion)

We made every effort to demonstrate that the FCC was working too close to the cable companies and not acting in the best interest of those people in America that did not have cable on their street.  We have letter from Gore and a few other Senators...

This is just the start of Who Cares Hall of Fame.